Our Process


To source good quality of agricultural produce directly from the place of origin is key to providing good product. We have wide network that enables us to procure directly from the farm lands.


Our In House laboratory is equipped with Latest Microbiological Facilities for testing of related Pathogens that occur naturally in Agricultural produce like spices and pulses. We have rigorous SOPs for testing of Incoming material, Online process testing and Finished goods testing as per Global standards. The Physical and Chemical testing is part of our QUALITY MANUAL.


We have dedicated team of professional Food Technologists and technicians along with requisite hardware to pursue our quest for continuous development. We have expertise to develop new recipes, blends and processes, IT serves as NERVE CENTRE for development of Future Ready Products for our Esteemed consumers.


Famrking is a technology driven enterprise that operates some of the best machines in the industry. We have PLC based high speed automatic Pouch packing and Carton packing machines that provide us the flexibility of offering varied pack sizes. For the first time in India we shall be packing lentils in Vacuum packs that will enhance the shelf life.

India's Best

We have the best laid out Cryogenic plant in India. This is GLOBAL NEXT Generation grinding technology under super cooled environment. This ensures that nutrients and the essential oils in the spices are retained. Thus the goodness, aroma and texture of the products are perfectly maintained.

Benefits of Cryogenic Grinding Technology

    Preserves Aroma, Flavor and Color

When spices are powdered using 'Cryogenic Grinding Process', it holds the volatile, etheric and oleoresins oils. These are the main compounds offering flavor, aroma and color to any spice mix.

    Even Consistency

Through this special grinding process, spices are ground evenly so there are no lumps or residues left.

    Small is enough

When the spices are powdered using Cryogenic Technology, they hold their inherent natural taste. So whenever these spice mixes are used while cooking food, one actually needs to add its small quantity to enhance the taste.

Benefits of Sterilisation Process

Free From Pathogens and Microbes    

The process results in destroying most viruses, bacteria, and fungi including bacterial spores. It also eliminates known microbiological organisms that can cause critical health conditions in humans.

The higher expectancy of spices    

Adoption of authentic and effective sterilisation process is very crucial to store spices for longer duration. It enhances the shelf life of the product.

No Human Touch    

This automated process, with no human touch, gives complete assurance of the germ-free product.